Generator Installation and Service

Professional Installation of home generators is your key to safety !

All pieces of electric equipment should be installed by a qualified electrician. Period ! This is serious business and people can get hurt and property damaged. Please don't take a chance with your safety (or the safety of others), it is just not worth the consequences.

Find a qualified electrician that HAS experience installing this type of equipment. Some generator retailers can help you with references to an electrician in your area. Some local electricans also sell complete generator packages including installation. Be sure you know exactly what you are buying, ask lots of questions, and get a written estimate that details exactly what you are purchasing, including: products (generator, cart, pad, switches, etc,) installation of products, and any ongoing maintenance services.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Often, when you purchase a generator, you will have an opportunity to purchase an extended warranty contract and / or a maintenance contract. Please consider these options carefully and (again) KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE BUYING !!!

Over time generators will require maintenance service. This could be as simple as changing the oil in the gas / diesel engine that drives your generator, or could be as complex as rebuilding a burned out generator head. Some repairs can be very expensive and most tend to happen at the most inconvenient time possible (when you need the generator) ! If you have a maintenance contract make sure it specifies how long the service man will take to respond to your call, and what repairs and services are included in the cost. If you do not have a maintenance contract, and you need service during the next big ice storm, chances are you will be waiting in-line for repair behind any customers that already had a maintenance contract !